Ordering and Fulfillment

Is the K-9ite Safety Light currently available for purchase?

Although we are taking pre-orders on our website, we prefer that you support our crowdfunding campaign launching in January on Kickstarter. Please join our mailing list to get breaking details on this and future promotions.


When do you expect to ship product to consumers?

Second half of the year, 2018.


Where can I purchase a K-9ite Safety Light?

After our Kickstarter campaign, we will be offering it direct to consumer on our website, www.k9ite.com


What is the K-9ite Company refund policy?

K-9ite Company wants to earn your 100% satisfaction with our products and services.  In the unlikely event we can't make it right, we will refund 100% of your money within 30 days of purchase.


Product Related

What sizes are available for the K-9ite Safety Light?

Small, medium, and large.


What type of batteries does the K-9ite Safety Light require?

None. It is equipped with a USB re-chargeable battery pack.


Does the K-9ite Safety Light come in different colors?

The device is designed for color customization, and can be set at one of 240 different colors singularly or in combination.


How does the K-9ite Safety Light stay on the dog?

Each device is equipped with our elastic comfort band (patent pending) that secures the K-9ite Safety Light to the dogs upper torso like a belt, and has a quick release buckle that snaps closed, which prevents the device from shifting, spinning, or rotating.


Is the K-9ite Safety Light harmful to my dog?

The device is light weight and provides a customized fit for each dog, and if used properly, will be secured firmly to the dog, but will not restrict movement and allow for full range of motion.